The Miracle League of Central Illinois provides physically and mentally challenged children a safe and spirited program in which they can play on a baseball field just like other kids. Miracle League baseball offers a unique and memorable opportunity these children would not otherwise have.

The Miracle League is a place where every player has the opportunity to run the bases, score and win at every Miracle League game inning. Players who need help with hitting, catching and throwing the ball are paired with a “buddy” who helps out.

Come and watch a Miracle League game and you will be moved as you have never been moved at any other athletic event. It will be unforgettable; you will be glad you attended, and you will want to come back!

Miracle League Volunteer Training Day

Saturday, May 2nd

Time – 10:00 am to 12:00 pm

Place – Uncle Bill's Self Storage - 906 Apple Street, Normal, IL right off Main Street 

Bring – water bottle and a lawn chair if you have one

As Buddies, you are a vital and valuable part in our mission to give every individual the chance to play baseball. We ask that you join us on May 2nd from 10:00am to Noonto prepare for our 2015 Summer Season. The Training Day will get you better acquainted with the Miracle League of Central Illinois and how to best serve the Players you assist. If you know individuals who are interested in becoming a Buddy with Miracle League, bring them to the event! They can register to become a volunteer the day of the event!

Any questions? – contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please RSVP using this link:

**If you are not able to attend the event, please RSVP “NO”. We understand that schedule conflicts occur and look forward to seeing you for the season even if you are not able to attend Volunteer Training Day!

Buddies under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult on the day of the event. The game schedule for Summer 2015 will soon be set. We will distribute that information to you when it is finalized. Finally, THANK YOU for all that you do for Miracle League!

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Yankees player throwing ball
Yankees player fielding ball
Cardinals player trio with assistive devices
Cubs player at bat with tee
Cubs player with walker
Cubs player at bat